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April 3, 2023

Air Gaps and Dishwasher Filters

While our dishwashers make our lives easier as they work their magic on making grease and grime disappear from our dishes, we have to do our part to maintain the magic. This includes cleaning the dishwasher air gap and filter.  Both of these should be done on a regular basis, however, one of the tell tale signs...

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January 25, 2023

¿Qué es el seguor de inquilinos y por qué es importante?

A primera vista, muchas personas asumen que el seguro para inquilinos es solo para proteger su propiedad personal. ¿Pero, sabía que el seguro para inquilinos en realidad ofrece tres tipos de cobertura? 1. Cobertura de propiedad o pertenencias personales: esto incluye artículos como muebles, ropa, productos electrónicos, electrodomésticos y juego de cama, por nombrar algunos....

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October 28, 2022

City of Santa Cruz Residential Food Scrap Program Info

City of Santa Cruz Residential Curbside Food Scrap Collection Program Did you know that 40% of food in the US is wasted and the average American household throws out 25% of the food they purchase? Santa Cruz County is making it a priority to reduce this waste and is expanding the Commercial Food Scrap Collection program....

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April 12, 2022

Property Maintenance Tips: Preventing Grease Buildup in Your Kitchen Sink

We at Distinct Property Management run into maintenance requests about clogged kitchen sinks at least once a week and in 99.9% of the cases the cause was a build up of grease, which has turned into black thick goo. Grease is a normal substance found in the kitchen, and comes from cooking processes and food...

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September 8, 2021

What is renters insurance and why is it important?

At first glance, many people assume renters insurance is only to protect their personal property. But did you know that renters insurance actually provides three types of coverage? 1. Personal Property or Personal Belongings Coverage: This includes items such as furniture, clothing, electronics, appliances, and bedding to name a few.  However, there are certain personal...

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September 17, 2020

About the importance of dryer vent cleaning

Do you know why regular cleaning of dryer vents is so important? As a tenant, you understand the importance of checking your smoke detectors, changing your air filters and keeping up with other preventative maintenance in your home. But how much time do you spend cleaning your dryer vent? If you’re like the average resident,...

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March 20, 2020

Sanitary Wipes Reminder

These little fellas still don’t belong into the toilet Please remember the following when using paper towels and disinfecting wipes. This could save you money in plumbing repairs and an after-hours nightmare. Please read on here. As Americans stockpile disinfecting wipes and paper towels to clean their homes more often to reduce the risk of...

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January 17, 2020

Distinct Property Management’s Green Living Tips*

Distinct Property Management’s Green Living Tips As a homeowner or renter in Santa Cruz there are many little steps you can take to live a more “green” life and conserve natural resources. Please see the useful tips below. Save Energy Switch interior lights to LEDs.  They’re inexpensive (oftentimes under $3 a bulb), last much longer than other...

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November 6, 2019

Distinct’s Winter Tips

As we move into the winter season there are a few things you can do to help prepare yourself and your home for all the surprises that winter weather and can bring. Being mindful of these things and familiarizing yourself with your home before an emergency, power outage or weather related concern arises can both...

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September 24, 2018

PG&E Wildfire Season & Safety Reminders

As many of you may know, California is very prone to wildfires during this dry and hot season of the year. To ensure that residents are as safe as possible when wildfires become a threat PG&E has issued a notice that in order to limit danger and damages they may temporarily turn off electricity to...

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September 23, 2017

Distinct is a Santa Cruz Green Certified Business

Distinct Property Management became certified as a Green Business through the California Green Business Program on March 22, 2017. At this time, Distinct is the only Property Management company within Santa Cruz County that is Green Certified. Certified Green Businesses in the City of Santa Cruz have gone above and beyond regulatory requirements to prevent...

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February 2, 2017

Property Maintenance: What not to put down your kitchen sink

How to avoid kitchen sink backups after dinner As a homeowner or renter in Santa Cruz there are many little steps you can take that help you prevent having to deal with an after hours emergency and plumbing ones usually can get pricey. Best example the kitchen sink!  Even if you have a garbage disposal, certain foods can...

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December 6, 2016

Holiday Season & Safety Reminders

How to be safe and sound this season The winter season is here and along with it the holiday season; both provide the opportunity for some recommended annual maintenance around your rental property or home. Fire  Extinguishers: Every homeowner or tenant should have at least one fire extinguisher in the home and know how to...

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July 14, 2015

Santa Cruz Properties – Emergency Procedures

Preparing a Family Emergency Plan Natural disasters affect thousands of people every year, and with the increased risk of severe thunderstorms, flash flooding and tornadoes in the summer months, it’s a good idea to think about having an emergency plan in place. Consider preparing a family emergency plan now before it’s needed. Have an open...

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April 27, 2015

Do you know what insurance you need for your condo?

It is not uncommon for condominium owners in Santa Cruz Owners Associations to be confused about homeowner’s insurance.  If we had a quarter for every time we heard a unit owner say “I don’t need insurance -the HOA’s insurance covers everything” we could probably have retired to a tropical island already. So what type of...

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December 5, 2014

Distinct Property Management Home for Rent in Santa Cruz

If you have a home for rent in Santa Cruz, Distinct Property Management, Inc. can help you find the right tenants and manage the rental for you.  Distinct Property Management, Inc. is a professional management company that will help you make the most of your rental property and save time and money as a landlord....

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June 2, 2014

Santa Cruz Rental Properties

Whether busy with other business dealings or maybe merely desiring more free time, hiring someone to manage Santa Cruz rental properties takes care of either or both situations. Property managers handle a variety of designated tasks from interacting with tenants to accomplishing repairs and performing routine maintenance. In order to ensure that your properties are...

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March 24, 2014

Some Of The Pitfalls When Owning Rental Property

When owning rental properties, landlords feel they are usually maneuvering on thin ice as it is known that the state of California has some of the most stringent tenancy laws in the United States. Both landlords and tenants have certain basic rights and responsibilities guaranteed by state law, regardless of whether the lease agreement defines...

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August 14, 2013

How to Make Your Santa Cruz Rental Property Feel Like Home to Prospective Residents

Prospective residents aren’t just looking for a place to rent; they are looking for a place to call home. You’ll want to make YOUR rental property stand out and shout “this is your new home!” to these prospects. To help you following these tips to create a homey rental property Distinct Property Management will be your...

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July 22, 2013

Buying A Condo? – A Santa Cruz Property Management Company Recommends

In the most current newsletter for the Davis-Sterling Act, an immensely reliable source concerning one of the governing laws for homeowner association, advises about questions everybody should ask in the process of purchasing a condo. The majority of these questions should also be of interest when looking at townhomes and other PUDs. We at Distinct...

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