Distinct’s Winter Tips

As we move into the winter season there are a few things you can do to help prepare yourself and your home for all the surprises that winter weather and can bring. Being mindful of these things and familiarizing yourself with your home before an emergency, power outage or weather related concern arises can both help prevent issues and make you better prepared should anything happen.

    • Locate the electrical panel to your home and familiarize yourself with how to reset the breakers. Here is a helpful video to walk you through the process.
    • Locate the water and gas lines and shut off valves to your home.
    • Check that all smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are working properly, replace any batteries if needed.
    • Make sure dryer vents are being cleaned regularly, here are three vendors you may call to have this done who we have worked with in the past:
      • Daniel’s Cleaning Services: (831) 233-1333
      • Affordable Heating: (831) 477-9276
    • If you have a garage, familiarize yourself with how to open your garage when there is no power with the use of the quick release to disengage the opener
    • Clean or replace the filters to your heater, and clean the air ducts to avoid dust spreading when you turn it on if it has been off during the warmer season.
    • Test your heater, turn it on and make sure the air being blown out is warm, if you turn it on but the air is not warm, this may mean that the pilot light is out – you can call PG&E at 1.877.660.6789 and they will relight it. Please keep in mind if your heater stops working on a weekend we will likely not be able to get a vendor out until the following Monday. Additionally, having a space heater handy can help bridge the gap between when your heater goes out to a service appointment.
    • If heavy rain is forecasted, please evaluate if you will be needing sandbags to keep water flow away from garages and doorways

As many California residents have experienced throughout this Fall season, there are times when PG&E may cut electrical and/or gas services to their customers. With the current state of much of their equipment and new laws in place this is something to always be prepared for. You can be better prepared for a power outage by keeping extra water for all the members of your household as well as any pets on hand, and keeping a stock of extra batteries, lanterns and non-perishable food items like canned soups and vegetables, dry pasta, etc. 

Thank you for your attention to this letter, and we hope you have a happy and safe Winter this year!

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